Strategy of the company

The main objective of business run by our Company is to anticipate and fulfill the needs and requirements of our customers. We try to meet this objective manufacturing and selling competitive products which have very good functional features and providing the quality required by the customer. We declare that the contracts concluded shall be carried out on time. Striving after continual improvement, we introduce modern production methods while the level of the manufacturing technique applied guarantees the efficiency of our activities and the development of the Company. As a result we have developed new kinds of foams and the extended assortment of products. Our objective is to increase the production of technical foams. We analyse and optimise the manufacturing costs of our products at each stage of production and processing. We intend to limit a negative impact of our production on the environment around us. Foams are produced without the use of halogen derivative compounds. All the staff, from the executives down to the lowest echelons, are involved in a continual improvement of our products. We provide the means through which the staff can identify and remove the obstacles hindering the improvement of the production quality. Our staff have got the possibility to improve their vocational skills. The introduction of the quality policy in all the production is carried out by means of the Quality System which meets all standard requirements PN-ISO 9001:2000, IS0 14001 and TS 16949.

                                                                                                                                                       Chairman of Eurofoam Polska
                                                                                                                                                                       Zbigniew Pilichowski



Eurofoam POLSKA
PL 95-100 Zgierz
ul. Szczawińska 42
tel.: +(48) 42 716 38 54



+ (48) 42 716 34 93
officeateurofoam [dot] pl

Eurofoam Group

Eurofoam Polska belongs to the Eurofoam group – the European leader on the polyurethane foam market.

The group consists of 36 plants in 12 countries whose main business profile is the production and processing of polyurethane foam.

Eurofoam - European foam leader

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