Polyurethanes are polymers which have versatile physical and chemical properties depending on the method of their production. Polyurethanes are obtained by the reaction of polyesters or polyethers containing free hydroxide groups with isocyanate.
Elastic polyurethane foams are formed as a result of the reaction of polyesters or polyethers and isocyanates with water or additional auxiliary agents such as: catalysts, agents active on the surface, porophors, fillers, pigments, agents which prevent flammability and others.
The industrial way of producing the elastic polyurethane foam is performed in the foaming units. The liquid substances which are dispensed continually to the mixing heads in the unit are immediately poured onto the paper mould placed on the mobile conveyor after being mixed previously. The chemical reaction causes the growth of foam which in turn changes into a solid state from the liquid one. The foam takes on final dimensions after a few metres from the place it was poured out. The bloc of polyurethane foam moving on the conveyor is cut into blocs having several metres and placed in the warehouse where the final cross-linking and ripening takes place. Afterwards long blocs or the short blocs after cutting (with the dimensions required) are passed on for further processing or for sale.
Depending on the kind and quantity of basic raw materials used we produce polyester or polyether foams with adequate physical and chemical properties (foam parametres) and for a special purpose (comfort, technique).
The kind of auxiliary agents used determines specific properties of the foams: self-extinguishing foams,flame retardant foams, foams with the optical brightener, foams with irregular structure, foams with improved weldability properties and other.



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Eurofoam Polska belongs to the Eurofoam group – the European leader on the polyurethane foam market.

The group consists of 36 plants in 12 countries whose main business profile is the production and processing of polyurethane foam.

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